Information and Links

Links to information relating to Ridgebacks, dog health and training:

Rhodesian Ridgeback Standard:  The official AKC standard of the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed.

The Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States:  RRCUS is the National breed club of the US. A great resource to learn more about the breed, genetic and health information relating to the breed and to find responsible Ridgeback breeders.

Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue Incorporated: the official rescue organization of The US and Canadian Rhodesian Ridgeback breed clubs.  If you’re interested in rescuing a ridgeback, it’s a great site to visit.

Orthopedic Foundation For Animals: The OFA collects health related information– including doing testing for some genetic diseases for all breeds of dogs. They also maintain a database where owners can submit results of breed specific health testing.

RR-POST: An online pedigree database maintained by ridgeback fanciers.

CAAB: Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists are highly trained animal behaviorists that are certified by the Animal Behavioral Society to help people with serious behavioral problems in their animals.  Anyone can call themselves a behaviorist and there are some “organizations” that have almost no requirements for certifying their members.  This is the real deal and a great resource for finding a behaviorist if you need one.

Favorite Products and Resources:

It can be hard to find great products and resources that you really love.  This is a list of some of my favorites.

Stibbar collars and leashes:  Beautiful, custom colored braided leather collars and leads of great variety, including slip and martingale leads.

Red Dingo Dog Tags: My favorite dog tags.  Long lasting, high quality and fun shapes and colors too.

Julius K9 and Brilliant K9 harnesses: Great fitting harnesses that are very strong and easy to get on and off.  I like using this style harness for agility.  They will not teach your dog not to pull; they are meant for dogs trained to walk on a leash. Some slight differences between the brands, check them out.

Ruffwear harnesses: If you really want a harness, ruffwear makes a couple that do not restrict the shoulders as much and have a front clip option for heavy pulling moments.  Again, will not train the dog not to pull; dog will have to be trained not to pull.

Lupine Dog Collars:  Great, basic collars that are sturdy, easy to clean and have a lifetime guarantee.

Sexy Beast Dog Collars: Great leather and ribbon collars, very high quality, sturdy and made by a RR owner and lover!

Upcycled Hound:  Leashes (and collars) made of recycled karate belts.  I love these leashes for jogging with the dogs.  The only non-leather leash I’ll use.  Also made by a RR owner and breeder.

Good Dog Beds: Another vendor that loves our breed.  Also they make the most amazing beds and blankets. We have several of their beds throughout our house.

Say Yes Dog Training: Susan Garrett is a wonderful dog trainer and world champion agility competitor.  But, her training isn’t just for agility dogs.  Her methods and resources are based on behavioral science and she’s a great communicator to boot.  I highly recommend her Crate Games for crate training.  She also offers several books, ebooks and online classes relating to training– both to build a good family pet and agility specific.

Clean Run: Clean Run both maintains a great store of high quality agility related equipment and training tools and produces an agility magazine.

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