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purchase generic propecia My husband and I live in Nashville, TN.

learn the facts here now I met my first Ridgeback in 1995 at a horse trial in Canada and fell in love with the breed. Beautiful, elegant, strong and independent—I couldn’t imagine myself with another dog and I bought my first Ridgeback puppy two years later. I only entered the world of dog sports about 9 years ago but I spent the first 25 years of my life riding and competing in 3-day eventing with horses, so training and competing with an animal partner was not new to me. I also have a PhD in neuroscience and have studied a range of topics including the development of brain areas regulating emotion and stress responses and the function of animals’ sensory systems. I try to apply the knowledge I have of animals and their behavior from other parts of my life to working with my dogs. We’ve had great fun and successes in the breed ring, agility, lure coursing, and endurance training; and have dabbled in other sports including herding, barn hunt, obedience and tracking.