2013 National Agility Championships

This is the first time that Cali (and I!) have qualified for or attended the AKC National Agility Championships.  I went expecting just to have fun and enjoy the craziness (there were something like 2000 dogs!)– and watching all the amazing dog/handler teams that were there.  But, Cali had a fabulous weekend– she ran clean 4 out of 4 runs– bringing home a new Time 2 Beat (T2B) leg and ended up 33rd out of about 200 dogs in her class.  I was so proud of how well she worked with me in that overwhelming atmosphere and on some very challenging courses.  For a longer report see the write-up I did for The Ridgeback (2014, Issue 2). We had a blast and I hope we’ll be able to get to another one in the future.

Here’s our hybrid round: